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Major Features includes 
  • Integrates with the best-selling digital telephone systems.
  • Text messaging for nurse call.  
  • Unified, scalable architecture grows with your healthcare enterprise
  • Advanced technology provides high-quality communication.
  • Safe, low power operation does not interfere with medical equipment.
  • No monthly airtime or usage charges.
The Healthcare Solution  
  • Patients - Higher level of care and faster recovery 
  • Nurses - More time with patients, and better patient care 
  • Physicians - Direct access to nurses 
  • Emergency department - Faster response and increased efficiency
  • Specialties and support staff - Coordinate efforts with other staff to improve productivity
Patient Benefits 
  • Increase patient satisfaction -Nurses are more accessible, Faster response to patient requests, Departments can coordinate efforts so patients are not waiting in halls for procedures, Overhead paging is virtually eliminated.
Nurse Benefits 
  • Provide better patient care - Access to critical information, Focus on patient care, Increase productivity, Eliminate response-time delays in paging cycle, Ease of use, minimal training, Other benefits, Increase nurse retention, Enhance nurse recruitment.
  • Other benefits - Increase nurse retention, Enhance nurse recruitment.
Physician Benefits 
  • Time management optimized for physicians - Reduce hold time and telephone tag with nurses, Contact staff immediately for lab results, orders and patient updates, Allow physicians to multi-task while moving throughout the facility.
IT Benefits
  • Improve overall facility communications - Scalable architecture, facilitates future expansion, Cost-effective solution, Easy to maintain, Privacy and security, No interference with bio-medical equipment.