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Supply Chain Management

As the adoption of e-business continues to gain momentum among brick-and-mortar companies, business practices worldwide have begun to change significantly. Asian subcontractors have become increasingly integrated within the supply chains of Western multinational companies. Yet, complete integration of the latest technologies within virtual market places or supply chains has been greatly hindered. In response, Asian companies have begun to strike out on their own creating successful e-business models. Creating an efficient and responsive supply chain that forges partnerships among customers, suppliers, distributors, logistics providers and alliance partners is the real challenge. In this sense, the value-chains of individual companies have given way to value-networks, hence security gaining loads of importance.

We make the companies move to orchestrate such an ecosystem, which will win handsomely in this new economy. We address the business implications successfully integrating and leveraging the benefits of supply chain management and e-Procurement, by value addition of our solution.

Customer Relationship Management

The Internet has greatly enhanced an enterprises ability to efficiently gather information about individual customer needs, thus, causing a shift in the dynamics of the buyer-seller relationship. At the same time, however, today's buyers have the power to comparison shop and switch to other sellers at the click of a button. Whether to deal with competitive pressure or the enhanced bargaining power of customers, companies in all industries are having to face the need to better understand their customers' individual requirements and provide personalized service. CRM impacts a company's bottom line in many ways. The emergence of one-to-one business for companies, demand, more trust and security in transactions.