Products >> Portfolio Management System
This is a web-based tool for small to medium sized companies who manages/proxies clients money. Typical customer for this product will be a share broker, Mutual Fund companies.
1. Stock Management:
  • Management of day-to-day share purchase, selling 

  • Listing of company share with purchase price and current price 

  • Information input for each share 

  • Day end price entry for each share

  • Complete information about a particular share

2. Broker Management:

  • Management of broker list and their commission rates

3. Client Management:

  • Client’s account management

  • Client’s information management 

  • Client’s trade history management

4. Trade Management:

  • Trade information management of each client

  • Trade deposit, withdrawal information management

  • Daily input of trades 

5. Report Generation:

  • Report generation for trades

  • Report generation for deposit and withdrawal

  • Broker trade report

  • Client account report

  • Month end report of trades

  • Share price report

6. Admin setup:

  • Stamp fee management

  • Broker commission management