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It is a general-purpose payroll management system, which can be easily customized to the need of any organization. It has a built in timecard management system which records employees work hours, salary is automatically generated at the month end using the timecard data and some predefined rules applicable for the employee. It can be used to manage employee PF, bonus, retirement, leave, HR and job history.
Target Customer: Organizations with more than 100 employees, having complex salary structure, which may depend on attendance, bonus, allowances etc.
Both web based and desktop version available
1. Company Policy Management:
  • MPF, PF Policy

  • Retirement Policy

  • Bonus Management

  • Company Bank Account Management

2. HR Management:

  • Employee Employment History management (previous employment history, Performance valuation, Valuation report, ranking)
  • Employee Professional Record management (Grade, duties, salary, salary Increment, terms of employment) Edit, Add, Delete existing timecard
  • Employee educational record management
  • Employee Contact management (address, phone, mobile, email)
  • Employee Passport, Visa, driving license
  • Employee Spouse, children
  • MPF/PF management

3. Time Card Management:

  • Auto generation of timecard based on post settings

  • Daily timecard crystal report generation

  • Edit, Add, Delete existing timecard

  • Top, forward posting of timecard

4. Daily Input:

  • Edit Timecard

  • Edit Employee Salary

  • Allowance approval

  • Leave clearance

  • Bonus approval

5. Admin Setup:

  • Login management of payroll software users

  • Access Control settings based on grade, department of the employee

  • Employee Post management (creation, deletion of posts)

  • Various Allowance settings

  • Various leave setup

  • Bonus formula setup

6. Crystal Report Generation:

  • Timecard report generation for month / year

  • Month end salary report generation

  • Salary report generation for year

  • Visa Report generation

  • SPP Report Generation

  • Retirement Report generation

  • MPF/PF report generation

  • Over age report generation

  • Overall year end report generation