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Niyamas Work eZ launch
Niyamas signs up with ASCNS for Cryptography training
Press Brief
Calicut, October 28, 2002 Entering the market for security solutions, Niyamas Work eZ was launched today by Shri Sanjiv Patjoshi IPS, Commissioner of Police, Calicut to address the globally growing need for secure business transactions via the net. Mr. N M Salim received the first copy of the software CD. Earlier Shri Kattumadam Anil Namboodiripad inaugurated the Corporate office of Niyamas Tech Private Limited at Malabar Gate in Rammohan Road, Calicut. The company will be focusing on developing security software solutions, using the combined technologies of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and XML (Extended Markup Language).
Security is a key factor in ensuring that the B2B industry flourishes. Niyamas is focused on addressing this vital issue through Niyamas Tyootelery. Niyamas Tyootelery redefines trust and workflow management, which is digitally signed using PKI in XML format.PKI is the accepted standard for digitally signing documents and brings trust to the Net, whereas
XML is the commonly used B2B language and ensures that a document is smart enough to provide the ideal communications environment for effective business processes. Niyamas provides companies with a platform to reap the advantages of B2B on the net through Niyamas Work eZ, which provides trust and intelligence for all businesses globally; we plan to be a leader in the security software industry in terms of developing innovative products for the global Healthcare, Banking and Finance, e-learning, e-Governance and B2B markets. The company will also be looking at aggressively marketing and delivering robust security solutions for many more of the new emerging markets in India and Asia-Pacific, considering the scope and uniqueness of Niyamas Work eZ, said Mr. Adarsh E. Devaraj, Founder and Managing Director, Niyamas Tech Private Limited.
Niyamas Work eZ software solution is basically an integration of end-user client software, the server software and the core database. The server runs in a Linux box, which hosts all the documents in the system, it uses a database server to manage these documents. Linux is chosen for its ease of programming, cost/performance factor, and security.
The client program will be running on windows box, from where the user can send/receive/edit documents, browse old documents contained in document folder. Windows is chosen for its UI and the fact that most of the people prefer or rather have installed Windows in their desktop.
The product has the potential to completely replace the strenuous job of managing conventional files and folders in an organization. Proper document management is indeed a challenge to many organizations, where there is a concern for security and integrity of the document. In an organization, a typical document has to travel from department to department before finally being approved. Our product thrives at automating this flow of document. Although there is no dearth of document management software, people still prefer to use pen & paper. One of the important reasons being the feeling of insecurity. Apart from that, for a user who is not much aware of the intricacies involved in these software, it becomes difficult for him/her to use them. We want to make his/her job less intimidating when he/she uses a PC for document transfer, said Mr. S D Nath, Chief Software Architect, Niyamas Tech Private Limited.
 PKI sales as predicted by IDC is sure to top $1.2 billion worldwide by 2003, up from a mere $125 million in 1998. Market analysis firm Datamonitor is even more optimistic, projecting $3.5 billion in total U.S. and European revenues from PKI products and services by 2003. The Advisory Board for Niyamas includes Dr. Gopinath, Prof & Head, Dept of Electronics Engg. National Institute of Technology, Calicut. Dr. Mathew Chalil, Provincial of CMI Calicut Province,Calicut and Mr. Howard Tungson, Project Coordinator and Marketing Manager, System design and programming, BigDotasia, HongKong.
Niyamas plans to remain on an aggressive timeline for bringing talented individuals to work in its Bangalore Development Center. The company plans to rapidly grow over the next several months to address its aggressive product development through proper research and development in various cutting edge technologies.
Niyamas Signs Up with Access School of Cryptography and Network Security to Deliver Cryptography Training in India
Bangalore, 4 January 2003 : Niyamas tech private limited, announced today that they have signed a training services agreement with Access school of cryptography and network security, India's first institute to impart training in Cryptography, to provide technical courses in cryptography, cryptography protocols, linux for budding programmers. Access will initially start training programmes in their institute in Coimbatore, India.

 "Access School has always strived to become the premium IT professional training organisation in India by investing in new technical course delivery capacity," said Vidhya Unnikrishnan, Mg. Partner of Access.

 "It is therefore gratifying that Niyamas, who is emerging as the leader in security solutions worldwide, recognises the quality of service Access can provide through our strong technical infrastructure, enterprise solution focus, competent faculty and stringent training standards. Our various courses on cryptography will add a new dimension that rounds up the IT professional curriculum that Access School can deliver." Added Vidhya.

Access operates in more than 5 cities in India and delivers courses with competent training faculty, half of whom are highly skilled technical professionals.

"Widespread availability of high-quality training is critical as more companies choose to adopt automated security solutions in India and abroad," said Adarsh E Devaraj, Director, Niyamas.

"Today's agreement with Access School brings together India's leading security solutions company and training organisation with the shared goal of delivering high-quality training programmes to meet customer demand in fast-growing markets. We chose Access School because they have stringent training standards and has the ability to deliver courses with outstanding resources, coverage and capacity across India," Adarsh added.