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Adarsh E Devaraj
Adarsh E Devaraj is one of the founding Directors of Niyamas Labs.
He was Director - Operations of e2esystems solutions private limited, a software product development company in Bangalore, India. He worked in the UAE for two years before joining e2esystems.
As Managing Director he takes the responsibility to plan, organize, direct, control, and coordinates the operations of Niyamas Labs and its major departments or programs, with total involvement of the members of the board of directors and lower level managers at Niyamas Labs. He will be overseeing the capital-raising strategies to support Niyamas Labs's expansion, and deal with mergers and acquisitions.
He gained a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Calicut University and subsequently his MBA from PSG College, Coimbatore.
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Devaraj Erambally
Devaraj Erambally is one of the original directors of Niyamas Labs Management Team, joining when the Company was founded in July 2002.
A long-time witness to the crises that have embroiled the bureaucratic setup of Federal Institutions, he observed that Computerization can lead to greater transparency to this system. During his long spanned career with Customs and Central Excise, he has held charge of important manufacturing units of excise duty and has immense exposure to customs duty operations at various ports and airports. He has worked in Special Customs Preventive Division and Central Excise Divisional Preventive. He also has wide exposure to Gold Intelligence. Mr. Devaraj is a recipient of high commendations and various rewards for outstanding work done in Customs, Central Excise, Gold Control and enforcement cases.
Mr. Devaraj finds time from his busy schedule and serves as Member, Central Govt. Gazetted Officers Association, Member, Central Govt. Pensioners Association, Member, Officers Club, and Member, Y's Men International. He is an Active volunteer of "THANAL", an organization functioning under Befriends India, The national chapter of Befriends International. He is also an Agriculture enthusiast.