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Conventionally the hospital industry has been using TV set as the mere source of entertainment. The itv solutions adds a bunch of value added services to this TV set, keeping the same ease of use of a TV. It provides a single point of access to the various services catered by modern hotels and hospitals, any services is just a click -away.

Major Features includes 
  • Internet Browsing
  • SMS and Chatting 
  • Video on Demand
  • Music on Demand
  • Online Travel Desk **
  • Billing Information's **
  • Voice Over IP *
  • Video Conferencing *
  • Online Restuarant
* requires high end set top box (STB)
** requires integration with hospitality management system
The solutions will help hotels and hospitals to differentiate themselves and drive revenues. Their customers will enjoy the distinctive, user friendly accessibility to the various services, made possible by this platform.