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Confidentiality of Electronic Health Data:

Electronic patient health data can improve the quality and efficiency of health care, research, and public health surveillance and interventions. To achieve these benefits without unacceptable risk to patient confidentiality, electronic health data must be created, used, transmitted, aggregated, and abstracted in ways and in environments that maintain data security and accuracy. It has to prevent inadvertent or accidental release; prevent or deter access by unauthorized users; and discourage, detect, and punish inappropriate use of health data by unauthorized users. Today different health services - hospitals, physicians, insurance companies and other providers - are joining forces to create seamless healthcare delivery networks. Clearly, a new model of health care organization is emerging.


Niyamas e-health solutions and services connect your healthcare enterprise and help you work smarter. Just think of the possibilities-clinical, financial, and administrative information integrated from across your healthcare enterprise. Now you can improve enterprise-wide processes, make strategic, mission-critical decisions, measure desired outcomes, improve patient satisfaction, and ensure the continued health of your organization.

Our Solutions:

The need to access, exchange and analyze information is critical in healthcare. Niyamas' best-of-breed solutions approach helps you connect and integrate different clinical systems, insurance companies, physicians and patients both within the health enterprise and the community.

Our e-health solutions meet the computer security standards for information to be created, used, stored, or transmitted in electronic form. It has controlled access to this information both inside and outside a given organization, authentication of the identity of people seeking access to the information, procedures to prevent interception of information during electronic transfer, and audit trails to keep track of access or attempted access to medical records.

Secure Patient Communication:

Speed and privacy are critical in the healthcare industry. Whether stand alone or part of a larger integrated delivery network, organizations must be connected. Networks must be robust, reliable and secure enough to support the extended enterprise.
Niyamas can help you simplify on networking complexity and free you to focus on improved patient relations throughout your enterprise. With services ranging from preparing your network for security readiness and converged network assessments, to telephony and CRM applications, enterprise directory and PKI solutions, we can provide the right solution for your healthcare needs.