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e-Governance offers a new way forward, helping improve government processes, connect citizens, and build interactions with and within civil society. The objective of achieving Electronic Governance (EG) goes far beyond mere computerization of stand alone back office operations. It means to fundamentally change as to how the Government operates and this implies a new set of responsibilities for the executive, legislature and the citizenry. The effort should aim to bring about a social catharsis which needs to be orchestrated in a comprehensive, concerted and planned fashion.

What exactly has e-governance got to offer?
Automation: replacing current human-executed processes which involve accepting, storing, processing, outputting or transmitting information. For example, the automation of existing clerical functions.

Informatisation: supporting current human-executed information processes. For example, supporting current processes of decision making, communication, and decision implementation.

Transformation: creating new communication technology executed information processes or supporting new human-executed information processes. For example, creating new methods of public service delivery.
Market Challenges
The world is faced with emerging challenges, such as globalization, technological innovations, quality of life issues and changing security threats. The need to successfully address these challenges is driving federal managers at all levels of government to seek new ways to ensure effectiveness of government programs and its impact on the economy.
The governments are faced with improving efficiency, integrating new technology with current infrastructure, and improving customer service in an atmosphere where budgets and workforce are shrinking. It has become increasingly difficult to both recruit and retain technically skilled, trained and competent workers in the federal space-threatening the long-term viability of many departments and agencies.
Security & Privacy Challenges
The more federal government relies on Information Technology (IT) to run internal operations, the hotter the issue of network security becomes. Cyber threats place a premium on IT network integration capabilities to create the highly secure, virtual government of the future. Added to these challenges, federal government manages highly sensitive data and national intelligence information.
Real-time access to data, management topology that allows for rapid response, and network security and identification are vital to government agencies.
Niyamas understands the need for today's federal departments to protect current IT investments and efficiently move towards a smooth, affordable migration path to get the advantages of Internet Protocol.
Niyama's Solutions
Efficient network management systems can save governing agencies a considerable amount in terms of the total cost of ownership of their network. Niyamas provides network assessments, network management, and security solutions in areas of identification, entitlements, privacy, verification, and security management.

Niyamas products are compatible to the requirements listed in the Information Technology Acts of Various countries.
Federal Departments with maximum citizen interface:
Federal departments which have maximum interaction with the public are listed below:
Public Grievances: Electricity, Water, Telephone, Ration Card, Sanitation, Public Transport, Police

Rural Services: Land Records, Below Poverty Line (BPL) /EWS Families

Police: FIR Registration, Lost and Found Valuables, Persons, Dead Bodies

Social Services: Pension, Old Age, Widows, Exgratia Scheme,Acquisition / Rehabilitation & Compensation, Registration of Licences and Certificates , Ration Cards, Birth Certificates, Death Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Caste / Tribe Certificate, Arms Renewal, Registration of Documents, School Registration, University Registration, Motor Vehicle Registration, Driving License

Public Information: - Employment Exchange Registration, Employment Opportunities, Examination Results, Hospitals / Beds Availability / Services, Railway Time Tables, Airline Time Tables, Road Transport Time Tables, Charitable Trusts, Government Notifications, Government Forms, Government Schemes

EWS Services: - Civil supplies, Old Age Pension, Widow Pension, Handicapped Pension / Services, Ex Gratia Payment

Agriculture Sector: - Speeds Information, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Crop disease, Weather Forecast - short range / District wise, Market Price
Utility Payments / Billing - Electricity, Water, Telephone

Commercial - Taxation & Return Filing, Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Custom Duty, Central / State Excise Duty, Sales Tax, House Tax, Property Tax, Octroi, Road Tax, Company Returns

Government: - Electronic Procurement, Education University Model for E-Governance