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When we all talk about a total paperless office, document management is at its heart. Our approach to this is to simulate the same office environment, where we have digitally signed, encrypted documents flowing between person to person; processed documents with all signature and other related info stored in folders for future reference. The folders will be managed just like the conventional office racks with plenty of documents. And these documents can be of any type. Our solution consists of, a server running in a Linux box, which hosts all the documents in the system, it uses a database server to manage these documents.

Digital Signature-Encryption-XML will enable true paperless office. It provides for a common language for businesses. A complete B2B transaction would mean the elimination of paperwork and all the formalities that accompany it. Imagine an organization that is completely electronic in it's functioning. The documents are in electronic format and their communication too is by means of the Internet. Such an organization would benefit tremendously in terms of:
  • Reduce office staff non-productivity rapidly locating folders and documents.
  • Increase in speed of transactions and fund transfers in the organization.
  • Lowering paper and printing costs, ideally eliminating them.
  • Access paper documents within your business application.
  • Saving on paper archives. Electronic archiving is certainly a better option.
  • Increasing efficiency in locating documents as they are archived electronically.
  • Simplify distribution of large sets of documents using CD or Optical Storage technology.
  • Reduction in paper, printing, fax, and shipping costs.
  • Safely secure your documents for archival.
  • Reduce your boxes of stored paper.
  • Automatically recognize forms and characters on incoming documents and locate them based on their content.