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NIYAMAS is a software products and services company specializing in products/solutions for improved workflow and information process management for e-enabling business.
As NIYAMAS evolves it is defining itself as an organization which is innovative, integrated and customer-centric; committed to being one source for a world of business integration solutions.
We integrate state-of-the-art technologies into existing information and communication landscapes. In the process, we provide the most suitable solutions and products in line with an organizations requirement for efficiently designing their business processes.
Niyamas is promoted by professionals with experience in wide range of cutting edge software technologies. Niyamas team consists of expert Analysts, Programmers, Designers, Content Creators etc. ably supported by service, marketing & administrative personnel.
Niyamas Software Labs Private Limited is privately held and based in India with global coverage through our partners. For more information contact +91 80 41 20 00 16, +91 44 28 52 25 10.
Our goal is, to be a provider of scalable and secure advanced computing products and services focused towards e-enablement of processes and transactions.
The management of Niyamas Software Labs Private Limited sees the future of business computing as Internet-deployed Applications. Niyamas is a software development company dedicated to offering web based solutions for information transaction. We want to build our company around long-term relationships with our clients centered on partnering with them. This gives us an incentive to provide them with systems and ideas that will directly affect the success of their business. The keys to this concept are providing ways for the client to pay for this resource through growth and for Niyamas to maintain a high competence level in cutting edge concepts and technology. Our target customer is You, each and everyone who uses the Internet.